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        This is a fun action/shooter game that is a very good choice. Perfect Dark is like Goldeneye
with a little variations:more weapons, 2-player mission mode, computer help mode, better levels,
and more levels.
Slayer- A remote controlled rocket, where you can slow it down with R so you have more precise shooting.
Laptopgun- A fast automatic weapon. When in secondary function you place your gun down and it fires
enemies for you.
Farsight-Farsight is like the sniper rifle but with a magical twist, it can shoot through walls, coool! The
secondary function makes it turn into a target locator.

Rating out of 10

       Sound: 8.5                                                          Comment: Perfect Dark is
          Graphics: 9.0                                                       among the best.
          Gameplay: 9.0
          Average: 8.83

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