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Mario Kart 64
                     Do you like driving? Do you like Mario, then this game is for you. Mario Kart 64 combines the
love of driving and the love of Mario in one, for a lovable game. Mario Kart 64 has over 15 tracks to race and
battle on. In this game there are items that you use to help yourself win. The best items are:
Blue Shell- Tracks down 1st and hits anyone in the way.
Green Shell- Shoots of into the wild and bounces off objects until it finds a target.
Lightning - Srinks and slows down everyone on the track(except you) so you can crush and pass them.

Rating out of 10

       Sound: 7.2                                                           Comment: This game likes
          Graphics:  7.5                                                       to cheat all player except 1st.
          Gameplay: 8.0
          Average: 7.9

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