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Super Smash Bros.
                  Super Smash Bros. is the best adventure/fighting game there is("Even better than Mortal Kombat")
It has simple button techniques, so you don't have to remember such complex moves, but if you want to be
a Smash Bros. champion you have to learn ways of using your moves so you can trick your enemy or enemies.
Here is a list of the best players.
Pikachu- He/she may be very simple at first but once you get used to him/she, it'll be the best.
Captain Falcon- Fast, maneuverable player that can grab you in a half second.
Link?- He can do lots of stuff and throw bombs like crazy, but can he jump?
In all, all the players can be the best if you know how to use them.

Rating out of 10

       Sound: 8.8                                                           Comment: A long lasting  
          Graphics: 8.5                                                       game that will appeal to
          Gameplay: 9.7                                                      your friends to battle you!
          Average: 9.0

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