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Starfox 64
               Star Fox is an amazing game with stunning graphics and cool battle modes! Star Fox 64
has more than seven long levels and it ranges from easy to hard. In this game you have a team that
helps you and gives you pointers about the level your playing. The basic weapons are as follows:
Single Laser: A normal one shot laser
Double Laser: Twin blasters that hurt double
Hyper Laser: Twin blasters that feel the worst on the enemy
Lock-on Laser: Make the game easier and lock on to your enemies, huh?
Smart Bomb: A single blast that will wipe out any enemy near it.

Rating out of 10

       Sound: 8.4                                                           Comment: Once you beat
          Graphics: 8.0                                                       the game there is lots more
          Gameplay: 8.7                                                     to enjoy!
          Average: 8.36

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