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         Okay, C++ is a basic language. It is very easy to make a calculator, but if you want to make
objects programs you need to have a little more exprience in the language. If you want to make complex
programs you need to learn how to link files. To do this differs from program to program. If you want to make
a good 3d game like this one:(Gtest)
Get Genesis 3d it has all these functions. Okay I will teach you how to make a simple addition calculator.
Copy if you want (only on this page).

#include<iostream> //this is the definition for cin(see in) and cout(see out)

 float D, d, end, sum; //keep one d capitalized

//float is like int but it can have some alphabetical letters and punctuation marks.


cout<<"This is an simple addition calculator.\n"; //have quotation marks and \n means new line

cout<<"This number\n";


cout<<"Added to this number\n";


sum= D + d; //make a deffinition for the answer.

cout<<"The answer is to this problem is"<<sum<<"\n\n"; //insert answer with << not <


Definitions for Program.
cin=this is what you put in
cout=this is what it reads
main()=a function needed in a project
float=an integer amount ex:234.234
;=needed at the end of a function to run
\n=makes a new line.

You can make even more complex caculators but this one was very simple.

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