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These are some PS games.

A Bug's Life

 99 lives
At the main menu, hold R1 and press X, O, L2 and a chime should confirm the code.

 Bonus level
Finish all of Mr. Spoilís objectives at the training level. Then bounce on all of the spiders to kill them to unlock a bonus level. Complete the bonus level to view all FMV sequences.

 Extra lives
Return to the training level and collect the letters F-L-I-C-K to gain a bonus life. Repeat as often as needed before resuming regular game.

 High Flying Bugs
In the levels "ant island", "the tree" and "clover forest", find all the brown tokens to get the cannon plant. Once you've done this, plant a cannon plant and a dandelion. Fly the dandelion into the cannon plant and you'll shoot so high you can fly anywhere on the level.

Bubsy 3D

 Cheat Codes
To use these codes, select the LOAD/SAVE option, then enter one of these passwords.
Code          Effect
All codes     XALLDBUGCR
99 Lives      XMUCHOLIFE
All Rockets   XTOOROCKER
Bonus Round   XBNSCHTMMM
Coordinates   XDBUGLOCNC
Level Select  XLVLCHTMSB
Change Shape  XURASNAKER

 Secret Voice Test
Access the "Load Game" menu, then enter the following passcodes to hear all of Bubsy's dialogue from the game (Each code lets you hear a group of phrases from a specific scenario).

To activate the warp code, enter the password XZOOMMERKB. While playing, press L+Start to warp to key locations on the map.

C: The Contra Adventure

 Level Select
for level select- at the main menu screen push Left, Up, Right, Square, Square, TR TR D

 Movie Player
At the main menu press: triangle, triangle, down, square, up, up, left, triangle

 Super Machine Gun
At the main menu screen press: right, right, square, triangle. A sound will confirm the code.

 Unlimited Lives
push Up, Right, Square, Triangle, Right, Left, Square, Triangle at the main menu screen.

 Unlimited Superbomb
At the title screen press Square, Square, Right, Down, Down, Left, Square, Triangle. A sound will confirm the code.

Gran Turismo

 Duplicate parts
To access the following cheat complete the steps below:
Step1-purchase two identical cars, buy as many parts as desired for the first car.
Step2-view the list of fitted parts of the first car from garage.
Step3-Switch to the second car, get inside,and view its fitted parts list, which should be empty.
Step4-While remaining in the 2nd car, enter a spot race.
Step5-at the qualify option, selected "Machine Parts", then "change Parts".all the parts from the the first car should be available.
Step6-Exit the race and return to the garage. View the list of fitted parts for both cars to see that all desired parts have been duplicated.
NOte:Only item available on the "Change parts" menu may be duplicated. this trick will not work on cars that have been awarded......

 Easy Money
The easiest way to get lots of money later in the game is to race the qualifier for the all nighter. You get $20,000 just for qualifing and it is very easy to do this with the GTO special edition or any other car with good speed/acceleration and handling. It takes app. 1'45" to complete with the GTO special edition.

 Hi Fi Mode: Simulation Mode
To get the Hi Fi Mode in Simulation Mode you must win the the GT League, that is the Sunday Cup,Clubman Cup,GT Cup and the GT World Cup.

 Hi-Fi Mode, Bonus Cars and Bonus Tracks: Arcade Mode
To get all the bonus items in Arcade mode, which include the four other tracks (Autumn Ring, Deep Forest, SSR5, and Grand Valley Speedway), all the other cars (Toyota, Subaru, Dodge, and TVR), the ending movie, and Hi-res GT Mode, you have to beat every single track with each type of car (A, B, and C) under all three modes of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Difficult.)

 Hidden Video of the GT Staff
In Arcade Mode, first get the hidden tracks, then, on every track, take 1st place with any car in A,B, and C class mode on Normal setting or higher. Then go to Bonus Items, you'll see "Staff Video" on the menu.

 Nissan Nismo 4000gt-r
To get Nissan Nismo 400Gt-r you have to get all gold trophys in International A class license

 Red Concept Car
Go into the B-license test and get all Gold medals on every test and you will recive a red concept car that has only 219 HP, but can be built up with almost everything but a racing-modifacation.

 Red Concept Car...Alternate Method
An alternate way to get the red concept car is to go to the go race menu then get a gold cup on the UK vs. US championship then you will win the red concept car.

 Replay Mode Tip
Are you having trouble beating the license tests? Well, you won't anymore. Go to the replay theater in the main screen, and check out the demonstration movies. They will show you how to beat all the license tests!

 TRD 3000GT
To get the Toyota Racing Development 3000GT, you must get all gold in the A license tests.

Mega Man X4

 A Real Life-Saver
Once you get the leg armor and lighting web, go to the frost walrus stage. Climb up the tall wall in the begining and go across the top. Do an air slide to the platform past the breaking ice. Head onto the slopes and follow them until you get to a large wall. Climb up it until you get to a cliff. Shoot out a lighting web and airdash to it. Jump off of it and onto the cliff. At the top is a capsule. Grab it. Now whenever you save, it will save the number of lives you last had!

 All Anime Scenes
When you start the game, let the game run for about 10mins without touching the controls. After a while Megaman's anime scenes will appear first, then Zero's.

 Defeat Magma Dragoon Easily
At Magma Dragoons stage 2, get in the ride armor and go to the end where you are at the cliff with lava below you. In your ride armor, go into the lava till you see dark boulders. Hit them and go through the tunnel. You will be at Magma Dragoon and be able to fight him while you are in the ride armor machine.

 Extra Lives in Snow Base
After defeating the Frost Walrus (an easy task) you will notice that you can clime the left wall all the way up. Do so, Dash Jump or Double Jump to the right. use the Lightining Web or Double Jump to reach the cliff. Continue right, picking up Large energy tanks and one extra life, untill you get to the other side of the cliff. When your coming down the cliff do not jump out to the right, hug the the right wall using your Air Dash and Wall Skid. (You attempt to hang on the wall but slide down it slowly.) You will find a second life, pick it up using the appering and dissappering ledges. Escape and repeat until you have full lives (9).

 MegaMan Boss Stratagies
Mega Man bosses all have weaknesses, and here they are.(These only work with Mega Man.)
Web Spider: The best stategy for him is speed, precision, and your trusty X-Buster.
Split Mushroom: Use Web Spider's Lightning Web. Storm Owl: Use Cyber Peacock's Aiming Laser.
Magma Dragoon: Use Storm Owl's Double Cyclone. Jet Stingray: Use Frost Walrus's Frost Tower.
Slash Beast: Use Jet Stingray's Ground Hunters.

 MegaMan's Armor
At the character selection screen highlight MegaMan, then press CIRCLE 2 times, then LEFT 6 times, then press and hold L1 and R2 at the same time and press START (holding L1 and R2 until the game begins.)

 Megaman's Ultimate Armor and Nova Strike
First do the MegaMan's Armor code, then play through the first two intro stages. Play the jungle stage. go halfway down the second waterfall and go right. Enter the capsule and you'll get the ultimate armor along with nova strike and the arial attack!

 Unlimited Lives for MegaMan X
Go to Frost Walrus stage in Area 1.Now go to the part where the ice passages disappear and turn to the left and get the one-up and repeat the process until you have enough lives.

 Unlimited Lives for Zero
Here's a great tip for you Zero players if you're ever in trouble with the bosses in the game, especially Sigma! To get this, go to the Cyberspace stage at any point and race through the first stage with a Rank "S". Pick up the extra life, go to your weapons menu, and choose Escape. From here, save without continuing and go to Cyberspace again with the same trick. As soon as you get enough lives, you can save whenever you want or, if your lives are nearly depleted, you can choose to go to Cyberspace again before going to the next stage. Sweet!

 Zero's Ultimate Armor
At the character selection screen highlight Zero. Hold R1 and press RIGHT six times. Release R1, then hold CIRCLE and press X.
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