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Super Nintendo
Super Nintendo has been left out, seee:

AAAHH!!! Real Monsters

 Grombe Actions
To make the Gromble blink, press L or R on the screen that appears before the start of a level.
To make the Gromble open his eyes wide, hold R + DOWN when the Gromble appears before a level, or at the options screen. After releasing these buttons, he'll appear to be angry.

 Level Select
When in the first level, part 2 go to the trash heap and press: L,L+R,R,R,Up,Down,L+R,SELECT,START. If done correctly you will hear a scream.

 Monster Sounds
When the Nickelodeon logo appears on the screen, press any direction on the control pad to start the theme music. Now press A, B, X, or Y to make sounds.

 Scare Saving Tip
To save your scares, throw trash. And don't worry if you run out of fish skeletons, you still have garbage! But when in doubt, you can use the scares you saved up.

Batman Forever

 Level Select and More
At the Options screen, press Left, Up, Left, Left, A, B, Y. A new menu will appear where you can pick your starting level, kill any enemy in a single blow, and start with all weapons.

Donkey Kong Country

 50 Lives
At the Select Game screen, highlight "Erase Game" and press B, A, R, R, A, L and then begin with one of your saved games.

 Bonus Stages
Turn on the game. When Grandpa appears and starts playing music, press Down, Y, Down, Down, Y. You can now select any bonus stage.

 Extra Lives in Level 1
As soon as the game begins, climb up the rocks and enter the hut behind you. Inside you'll find a red balloon worth 1 life. Once you've finished this level you can return, grab the balloon, then press Start + Select to exit the level. Repeate the process until you have the desired number of lives (up to 99.)

 Extra Lives in Maniac Mincers
In Maniac Mincers find the Krusha stuck in a hole. Use Diddy to drop on top of him and keep bouncing at him for extra lives!

Harvest Moon

 All golden tools
At the title screen press: a,b,b,x,x,y,y,a,b,b,a,a,x,x,y,y,l+r

 Double Vision
When you have a full grown cow and a full grown chicken, take one of each and put them in the shipping area for livestock then go down to the livestock dealer. Tell him you want to sell a cow & a chicken then go back to your ranch. If it worked properly you should have 2 livestock dealers, one in front of each other. One of them will buy 1 of the 2 animals while the other one stands there dead as a door-knob.

 Free Chickens
It will cost you money to buy your first chicken. Once you have a chicken you must feed it hay every day and it will lay an egg. If you miss a day of feeding the chicken, it won't lay eggs for 3 days! To get more chickens instead of buying them you can put an egg on the thing (Editor's note: possibly an incubator) in the bottom right-hand corner. Come back in three days and it will be a baby chicken. A week later it will be big enough to lay eggs. If you put baby chickens in house so you don't have to feed them wait a week and they will be big enough to lay eggs

 Full Power
To restore full power, go to the mountain and jump in the springs several times.

 Gather Fruit and Earn Some Loot
In any season go to the mountains and get a fruit. If it is Sunday go to the peddler and sell it. If it's another day then you can put it in the shipping box but you'll get $50 less.

 Girls Love Faster
To get the girls to love you faster, first you must wait for the season when they ask you a question, such as Nina says "Do you like Flowers" and answer them the way you think they would like to hear. Then run in and out the nearest door and ask/answer correctly again, and again,and again. If you do this efficiently for an entire day the girl will be ready for marriage the next day, with her incident!

 Instant Ending
To get the ending without going through 31/2 years, do this: Just go through a normal day and when you are going to write in your diary say YES to write in it - then imediately press and hold L, R, Select and start. But there are a couple of different endings.... So don't stop there!

 Invisible Chickens
First acquire the super sickle. Next, use it next to a sleeping chicken and press A. If it works, the sickle will disappear and your hands will go up like you're holding something. Throw it down and go to bed. You will have a chicken on your head. The next morning check your notes to discover that it says you have the same number of chickens as before. Go to your chicken coop and you will appear to have one less chicken - feed the empty space and your new invisible chicken will still lay eggs!

 Magic Beanstalk
When you sell your first milk producing cow, a peddler will come into the screen. He will ask if you will trade the cow for a magic bean. Do so. Any time in the Spring, take the seed to the mountain peak and throw it until it disappears from the item box. Return the next day and climb the beanstalk. Talk to the golden chicken and tell the truth. He will give himself to you to sell to the peddler.

 Money Tip
Everyone knows if you use the hoe on the ground you will eventually find money, either a coin or a bag. The coin is worth $10 and the bag is worth $50. You can only get one of these a day, so remember to use your free time to plow for them every day. When you get the gold plow you'll find the money even faster. Keep in mind that you can search the same place over and over and it will still work.

 Power Apples
To get a power apple, go up during the day and talk to the guy next to the pond. Tell him you want to fish then fish until you catch something but DON'T EAT IT! Instead, throw it back in the pond and a man will appear and give you a power apple.
You can also get a power apple by taking the hammer and smashing the chicken statue.
Alternatively, get the full moon flower on the twelth of autumn and throw it in the pot at the Harvest Festival.
submitted by The Coo Foo and Justin Stricker

 Power Apples 2
1. Sell a chicken and a peddler might appear and exchange it for a power apple.
2. After the earthquake in winter the boulder blocking the passage to a area in the mountains is gone. go in there, destroy the top stump and go in the hole.You will land on the platform that has a apple on it in the cave.
3. Plow your fields enough to get one.
4. Plow some more to get another one
5. Chop enough stumps and a apple will appear underneath one
6. Buy the seed of snow flower at the flower festival for 2000 gold pieces and plant it at the summit in winter. A flower will bloom and a fairy will thank you for letting it bloom and give you a power apple.
7. You can either get a power apple or a special egg that stops hurricanes from happening. It's much better to get the egg in the first year and the power apple in the second year. Just win the egg festival and you will get either one.

 Super Axe
To get the Super Axe in the second year, go up to the mountain top. Go up the first level then go over to the left to the small pond use the axe on the pond and a lady will appear. Tell her it's not your axe and she will give it to you.

 Super Hammer
When the carpenter asks to borrow your hammer, let him. When he returns it it will be able to destroy wood in a single swing.

 Super Plow
One day you'll see an elf lying in front of your house. After talking with him, give him some food and he'll improve your plow.

 Super Sickle
When a man comes and says he heard an awful sound, search your farm for the cut down tree. Enter it and talk to the elf inside. Tell him that the sickle is working good and he'll make it better.

 Time Saving Tip
At the end of spring or summer, about 1 or 2 days before the next season, buy about 5 or so bags of seed for the next summer or spring. This way you don't have to go to the florist the next time you have to plant any seeds.

 Fly Around the Minecart Stage
Once you reach the first save point of the minecart stage, kill yourself. When you come out of the barrel, immediately hold Y + B before you fall into it. As long as you're holding these buttons you can fly around the stage, but you can't finish the level until you return to the save barrel and enter the mine cart.

 Flying Kong
This glitch only works on the Run Away Railroad stage. First you have to have to have both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in the cart. Then when you come to the first broken cart crash into it and quickly keep tapping the B and Y buttons until you see him jump around (in the air). After that every time you tap B and Y he will jump or "fly". Be careful about flying to the end - you might land in the empty cart that hasn't crashed, but you will not be able to leave the cart when it stops and there's no way out but to reset the game.

 Infinite Lives
Start a game and beat the first level. Return to the first level and lose all your lives. When Kranky Kong reappears, press Down, Y, Down, Down, Y to enter a secret bonus area. Now hold START, and tap SELECT to return to the game with infinite lives.

 Level Warps
In World 1 go between the Lake level and Funky's Flight's press the button B until Donkey Kong stops in the middle, you will be warped to the Sunset level in World 3! You can also use this trick in between Koral Kapers and Funky's Flights in Kongo Jungle to skip ahead to Orang-Utan Gang in Vine Valley.

 Mine Cart Level Skip
At the begining of Mine Cart Maddness, instead of jumping into the barrel that shoots you to the cart, jump over the barrle and curve back around to the wall. You will be shot almost all of the way across the level!

 Minecart Shortcut
At the beginning of the level, instead of going into the barrel jump over it and you will be transported to the end of the level.

 Secret Bonus Round
To make this trick work effectively, you must use saved games. On your last life, you must die playing as Diddy Kong. At the "Game Over" screen, press Start. When Cranky Kong appears on the screen, press Down, Y, Down, Down, Y. A room will appear with three gold Rambis, three gold Winkys, three gold Enguardes, and three gold Expressos. You may enter any of these four bonus rounds as often as you like, to collect as many 1-ups as you want. To leave the special bonus area, press Start to pause, then press Select. You return with all your new 1-ups to the area where you last died.

 Sound Test
At the Select Game screen, highlight "Erase Game" and press Down, A, R, B, Y, Down, A, Y. Press Select to skip through the game sounds and music.

 Stop and Go Station Shortcut
When you first enter the Stop & Go Station, jump towards the entrance. When you hit the wall, keep holding forward. You will enter a secret warp that takes you to the exit of the level.

Kirby's Dream Land 3

 Bunny's Room
In WORLD 3, STAGE 1 go in the 1st door. Don't eat the bunny, but instead follow it from the top. The bunny will hop, then it's back will be showing, then it will disappear! Enter the place where it vanished and you'll find star pieces and a 1-up.

 Quick Health
If you are down on health, call out your helper. Doing this will reduce your life by half of one, but eat him to regain a whole block :-)

 Secret Door
In Stage2 level 4, go to the far right of the room where all the big black balls drop. Pass the real door, and go to the last platform with no door. Stand in the middle and press up and TADA!

Pocky & Rocky 2

Make life a little less rocky with this set of passwords.
Level  Passwords
3      V3BX
4      F87N
5      S2YP
6      6DZ4
7      TR5C
8      GZLR
9      5K0Q

Star Fox

 Black Hole
To find the black hole, choose course one and get to the asteroid belt. There go through the course as usual but when the long chain of asteroids appears, wait until they come very close then destroy them. After you do that to all of them an asteroid with a face appears. Keep shooting it until it turns into a black hole and go through it.

 Bonus Level
This trick requires the Plasma Cannon.
To find the bonus level, choose course three and get to the second stage. In the asteroid belt you'll find two asteroids which are much larger than the others. Use your Plasma Cannon to blast the large asteroid on the lower right-hand side. A bird will appear. Fly into it to enter the Bonus Level!
Playing Tips:
The boss is a huge slot machine, which is extremely hard to beat. You have to shoot it until it spins three "7"s. When you beat it, the credits come up as if you beat the game normally, but you can still fly your Arwing through them! Then at the end, you can shoot the letters of "THE END" (while being attacked by enemy planes!) to make then fly up and flip around in the air. You don't get anything extra, but it's fun! If you die, you start at the beginning of the level ("Out of this Dimension")

 Double Wing Blasters
To get the double wing blasters, follow Slippy through all the loops on the first level of any route. Good luck!

 View Enemies
When the game ends and the Air-wing is spinning around, press Y on Controller Two to select an enemy. You can now rotate and zoom in and out just like you could with the Air-wing.

Super Empire Strikes Back

 Beat AT-ST Boss
To defeat the AT-ST boss easily, run between its legs and fire away.

 Cheat Codes
All of these codes must be done at title screen. If you did the codes right you will hear Darth Vader say, "Impressive". GOOD LUCK!
Start With All Jedi Powers:  X,B,B,Y,X,A,A,X
99 Lives:                    X,Y,B,B,B,X,A,Y,Y,B,A,X,Y
Unlimited Thermal Bombs:     A,X,B,X,X,A,Y
Skip To Darth Vader:         A,X,B,A,Y,X,B,A,A,X,B,B,Y,X

 Debug Screen
At title screen take controller 1 and press: A, B, Y, X, A, B, Y, X, A, B, A, B, Y, X, X, Y, A, B, Y, X. If you did it right you will hear Darth Vader say, "Impressive." Now go into the game and press the L and R buttons simultaneously for Debug menu. In here you can change your area, stage, # of lives, health, and weapons. After you choose your options go back into game by pressing START then press START on controller 2 to clear the stage.
Alternate Method:
When the title screen appears press A, A, A, A, X, B, B, B, B, Y, X, X, X, X, A, Y, Y, Y, Y, B. If you hear a Jawa then the code is in. Whenever screens change press L and R on Controller 2 to enter the debug menu.

 Endgame Passwords
These passwords will take you to the final level in Brave or Jedi mode.
Difficulty      Code
Brave           HPLSHJ
Jedi            TNHJSK

Level  Password
1      wdwdwb
2      csptnp
3      nsrscl
4      wfbjtb
5      bhrdhl
6      hmgpwj
7      ldgltj
8      lljfbg
9      wljwdn
10     wbwhrw
11     nccgsp
12     glttdj
13     gjbhnf
14     mcdgrj
15     pgpnmg
16     ngmsjb
17     rlmswj
18     mbrcgb
19     swpmss

 Rotate Screen
At the "Option" menu press Y, Y, Y, Y and Darth Vader will say "Impressive". You can now rotate the title screen by pushing L, R, Up, Down, Left and Right.

 View High Scores
Press A, A, B, B at the main menu to view the high scores.

Super Mario Kart

 Deflecting Red Shells
In battle mode, whenever someone has a red shell that is on your tail, this IS the perfect chance to use 1 of 6 moves to save your balloons.
First, if your current power is a ghost, before the second person can fire. This will steal away his power and give you the power to shoot him. Don't worry, you are still momentarily invisible from sight, he can't see you but he can look on your screen. Red shells can still hit if you are in range though.
Second, wait until the person fires until executing this move. When the red shell is right behind you, lay a green shell by holding down and A. If the red shell was shot in a straight line or somewhat straight, then the laid green shell should counter and deflect the red shell. Don't worry, if the green shell failed to hit your opponent, having him on your tail may be to your advantage when he run across the green shell.
Third, instead of the green shelled power, if you have the banana peel, then you could also counter the shell just by tapping A. Also, this move can be used by up and A. this will launch the peel straight forward for a distance. This move is hard to make a direct hit but now a trap is laid.
Fourth, if the red shell has been shot, if you have the feather, DO NOT jump outside of the ring for protection. The player could be waiting behind you to fire away. When the shell has been shot, if you execute the feather to momentarily leap high in the air, if too early, when you land, the shell is probably waiting to hit. If you jump at the right second, the shell will zoom past you and be useless. If you do not like this one, then you may like to try to jump across lanes to safety with him on the other side shocked at the miss!
Fifth, you can set up a star power that only lst a short short while. This not only can destroy any obstacle it touches, making it completely invulnerable from ANY attacks, it also can smash the opponents until they spin. If you stay on the opponent, then as the star lasts, each of the three balloons will pop one-by-one. Shocked by the counter and the loss, this move is very good.
Sixth, you can use a power slide to skip a lane fast enough to safety. This move is often too slow to make success, so a mushroom should now be really handy. The mushroom will boost your speed, then slide out of the missile shells path.
All of these moves, with practice, will make a player almost untouched in any battle match.

 Drive Forever
While you're in the Battle Mode, select one or two players. Play as either player and lose all your protective balls, but keep your finger on the gas. You can continue to drive even though you've lost.

 Drop Green Turtle Shells
Get a green turtle shell from a mystery box. To drop it, hold Down and press A.

 Easy Turning
When you are going around a turn especially when you're on a dirty track, just hold the direction you are turing and rapidly tap the gas button. This helps a LOT when you're worried about skidding.

 Erase Data
To erase and reset all the best times and GP Data, go to the title screen and press L, R, Y and A simultaneously. This will take you to the Reset Mode. If you want to erase the times only, use the same code on each of the Time Trial runs.

 Ghost Rider
To race against a ghost, choose any circuit, then drive around the track without touching the sides. After the race, go to Retry. When the light turns green, a ghost will appear. Race him and see who wins!

 Improve Red Shell Tracking
After firing a Red shell, hold down A. This way, it won't hit walls as often as usual. This also makes a 75% chance of the shell returning if it's jumped over.

 Invincibility Music
If you pause the game the second a player who was invincible is no longer invincible, the invincibility music will play the rest fo the race or battle mode round.

 Jump Red Shells
To jump over a red shell, press L or R when the shell is just in front of you.

 Move the Map
When you are in 1-Player race, the map is normally on the bottom. To move it to the top, use Controller Two to do the following. Highlight 1-PLAYER then hold L + R and press START. Use Controller Two to select your kart class, driver and track then play as normal.

 Quick Item Select
Run over a mystery box and press A immediately. This will select a mystery box item faster and increase your chance of getting a red shell in battle mode.

 Rearview Mirror
When you start the game go to one-player mode and choose either Time Trial or Mario Kart GP. While playing press the X button to see behind you.

 Screen Rotation
Select Time Trial. Choose your player and go to the track of your choice. While racing, be careful not to hit anything. Get a good time and then access the Replay option. While in Replay mode press the L or R buttons to rotate the screen. You can do this on any level in Time Trail!

Ghost Valley I If you have a feather, head straight for the wall when you see the platfrom across the gap. Hit the A button to use the feather just before you hit the wall and you will make the jump. Also you can use the mushroom by using it on the jumper simultaneously with the mushroom or use the mushroom right when you cross the gap and press L & R. Or you can use a star right when you select it and when you see to bumpers on the left and right use the star and don't hit the walls and press L & R to cross over the gap. Vanilla Lake II Cross the finish line, then lineup along it and drive straight for the water. Jsut before you go into the drink(Lake), hit L or R to get a good jump. Drive as far out into the water as you can, then turn left before the Fishing Lakitu gets you. If you cross the finish line while the Lakitu has you, it counts as a lap!

 Small Characters
If you want an extra challenge in the Grand Prix or Match Races modes of Super Mario Kart, you can shrink your character! All you have to do is press and hold Y. Then press A on the Character Selection screen.
Alternatively, highlight any character, then press A+B+X+Y at the same time.

 Special Cup in Time Trials
Enter the time trials and select your racer. Then push left on the pad to move the cursor beside Mushroom Cup. Then press L, R, L, R, L, L, R, R, A. You should then see Special Cup appear below Star Cup.

 Speed Burst
For a burst of speed, hold down the accelerator in between the first and second beeps on the starting grid. You'll zoom ahead of the pack and cruise to the goal line.

 Stall CPU Drivers
On Mario Circuit 2, get a mystery box, if you have a green shell or banana, wait until the jump. Lay the trap in between the 2nd and 3rd zipper and, more likely than not, another driver will hit, miss the jump, and have to do it over. If you have a red shell, wait until the driver is just about to hit the jump and use it. If you have a mushroom, wait again until they are about to jump, use it, hit there back, and that will decrease their speed, resulting on them missing it, but you will still make it.

 Stop the Music
Rapidly press the START button on either controller. Continue this until the music ends. If you did it right, the sound effects will remain but no music will play unless you use a Star.

 Throw Banana Peels
Get a banana peel from mystery box. To throw it, hold Up and press A.

Super Mario RPG

 8-bit Mario
Go to Booster's Tower and step behind the curtained area. You will be transformed into 8-Bit Mario from the NES.

 9999 HP hit with Geno
Put Geno in your party then in a battle use Geno Whirl. When the ring goes just out of the screen press "Y". You'll hear an explosion sound and Geno will have done 9,999 points of damage!
Note: This doesn't work on bosses or boss like creatures (eg., Jinx or Box Boy.)

 Best Weapons and Items
Here's how to find the best weapons and items in the game:
The frying pan for the princess: To receive this weapon, beat Nimbus Land and go to Moleville. Walk into the store and go to your left were a funny looking mushroom man should be selling things. In his inventory there should be a frying pan which he is selling. I strongly advise you to buy it.
The lazy shell for Mario: Retreive the seed and fertilizer and bring it to the gardener house which is somewhat hidden on a new road. Climb the beanstalk and retrieve the goodies.
Fertilizer and Seeds: The fertilizer is in nimbus land after you beat it on the far right were the guy was standing walk up it until you find a invisible path way were it is.I think I remembr that the seed is in Bean valley on one of the waterers.
Juice club cards: These are given to you by the composer if you complete the melody. (The first one is found in the big frog's chart on the lily pad.)
Super Chomp: Go to the second set of Booster pictures in Booster Tower (the ones by the locked door.) Place them in order and you'll receive a key. Use it to unlock the door and receive a chomp for Bowser. The real order is identical to the first set of pictures you saw when you entered the castle.

 Better Ending
For a better ending, buy as many fireworks as you can in Moleville, then beat the game. The more fireworks you bought, the better the ending.

 Fight Culex
To fight Culex of the japanese version of Final Fantasy, buy the fireworks for 500 coins at Moleville, then trade it for a "Shiny Stone" at Moleville. Next go to Monstro Town and go to the "3" door and open it with the Shiny Stone.

 Getting the Star Egg
The Star Egg...nice little toy, does 150 damage to everything and is NEVER, I repeat, NEVER used up. To get this item, revisit Booster Tower and climb up until you reach Knife Guy. He is juggling many balls. Talk to him and play his game. I believe it's the yellow ball you must find. To get the card to the Grate Guy's Casino you must win Knife Guy's game 12 straight times. If you fail, say after 6 wins he still counts 5 in your favor, so keep going until you have 12 wins. Then, go to Land's End. Down one of the pipes in the area with the save point you should find one of those gold colored Chomps. There is a hidden platform around there, you must jump three times to make it show itself, then go up it and you'll be at Grate Guy's Casino. Talk to Grate Guy over and over and over and...well, you get the point. After a while Grate Guy will challenge you to play Look The Other Way. this time don't worry about winning consecutively, just win 100 times and he'll give you the Star Egg.

 Grate Guy's Casino
first go to Bean Valley. When you get to an area with five warp pipes and a shy away, try all the pipes until you find a Golden Chomp. Defeat it and jump up 3 times. A secret plaform will appear. Jump on it and then right. To exit to the map screen where the casino will be go to your left. You need the "bright card" from knife guy at Booster's Tower.

 Hidden Items
There are several hidden items in this awesome. Here's how to find a few of them. In these descriptions, the term "Search" means to jump around to reveal hidden boxes above your head.
Location: Starting Point
Directions: When you walk one screen from the start you will see a wiggler. Stomp on its head ten times without falling off (but don't enter the battle screen).
Prize: Frog Coin
Location: Forest Maze
Directions: Search the left corner of the screen near the entrance to the Forest Maze.
Prize: Kero Drink
Location: Yo'ster Island
Directions: Search to the left of the Save Point.
Prize: Frog Coin
Location: Booster Pass
Directions: In the first area, search to the left of the exit.
Prize: Rock Candy
Location: Marrymore
Directions: Go to the second floor of the hotel. Search along the tops of the shelves.
Prize: Frog Coin
Location: Mushroom Castle
Directions: When you enter the Mushroom Castle for the first time, jump on Toad's head. When he gets to the first doorway, jump up on it. Jump around up there to find the hidden box!
Reward: Frog Coin

 Hidden Red Essence
Go to the forest maze. When you get to the first save block, go beyond it a little and jump around the right side of the walkway. Keep jumping until you find the hidden treasure box with a red essence inside.

 Honk Honk!
While riding "Moleville Mountain", push either one of the left/right buttons (The ones on the top of the controller). Mario will honk the cart's horn.

 How to Beat Jonathan Jones
To avoid fighting John the shark one-one-one or two-on-one, leave at least one blue bandana guy alive and destroy the rest. This will prevent the one-on-one without letting Mario die. If this guy irritates you, use Toadstool's Sleepy Time on him and keep him under until you're finished with Jonathan Jones.

 How to Beat Smithy
First, after beating the first three bosses before Smithy, go back through the level. If you didn't have the shiny stone, then make sure you have 500 coins, buy the fireworks in Moleville and give them to the girl with the pretend market.
Afterwards, go to Tadpole Pond and buy megalixers from the froggie bar with your Saprano Card or Tenor Card, if you don't have it, go to Toadofsky in the second or third turn.
Then, go to Monstro town and to the door with Culex in it. Defeat him with Mario, Geno, and Princess Toadstool. Use Toadstool's Group Hug, Geno's Blast and Mario's Ultra Hammer or his Ultra Jump.
After beating him, you will recieve a Quartz Charm and equip it on Mario for better defense at the boss. Go back to Smithy and make sure you have Mario, Geno, and Princess Toadstool and use the same stuff you used for Culex but, if everyone is almost dead and the next blow will be Smithy's, use a megalixer.
At the first part of Smithy, use Geno's Blast on both Smithy and the monster generator. Concentrate your firepower on the generator (not Smithy) with Mario's Ultra Hammer and use Princess Toadstool's Group Hug to heal the party. On the second half, just use regular attacks on Smithy.

 How to get the Lambs Lure
To acquire the Lambs Lure, you have to use the "Mystery Egg" 10 times in battle, and Princess has to be wearing the Bub "n" Tub ring. You can buy the Mystery Egg where you buy the Frying Pan. The Lambs Lure attempts to make bad guys like Goomba's and Troopa's flee from battle with it's fuzzy charm. However, It won't work on bosses like Belome, Axem Rangers, or Chesters.

 Infinite Coins
First go to Rose way. Then go to a room with Treasure Boxes then get the items and go out then come back then the Boxes are restored. The second is at Bowser's Castle. First beat Magikoopa and he will give you a Gold Treasure Box that will never run out.

 Infinite Frog Coins
Go to lands end. Find the spot where the armored ant pops out of the sand.
When he pops out jump on his head three times.
After the third time you will get a frog coin. This can be repeated forever.

 Link Cameo
Spend a night at the Rose Town Inn and you will find Link from Legend of Zelda for NES sleeping in one of the beds.

 Marymore Suite
If you have at least 950 coins, you can go to the suite, and make a profit, in the form of KEroKerocola's. Buying for 150, reselling for 200. You can make a hefty profit. Also, they give you gifts for staying there every so often.

 Red Essence
If you have the Dream Pillow, sleep at the inn at Nimbus Land. Toad will appear in your dream and admits he is a monster. When you wake up, Toad is waiting for Mario to wake up, and he runs into a corner. Toad will give you three Red Essences!

 Samus Cameo
After you beat Belome 2 and before you get to Nimbus Land, you can find Samus Iran of the Metroid Saga. Go to the Mushroom Village from the begining and go inside the castle. Go to the right from the hall into the next little room. Go up to the guest room and look at who is sleeping in the bed!!!!

 Ship Password
The password needed in the ship is PEARLS.

 Three Musty Fears' Flags
There are three monsters you find in Monstro Town when you sleep in a bed. They each will hide their own flag somewhere in the world. Here are their locations:
One flag is hidden behind the rose in Rosetown when you first enter. Another flag is hidden underneath Mario's green bed in Mario's Pad. And another is hidden behind the sign in Yo'ster Island.

 Troopa Pin
To get the Troopa Pin, go to the big cliff at "Lands End". There you will find "Sgt. Flutter". After talking to him, climb the cliff by jumping on the troopa shells as quickly as possible. Do it in under (12:00:00) to get the troopa pin.

 Yaridovich Mirage Attack Tip
When fighting Yaridovich in "Seaside", he will do a mirage attack (create a duplicate of himself.) Here's a trick to find the real one.
Put Mallow in your party.
When Yaridovich does the "mirage attack", use Mallow's "thunderbolt" power on him.
The double that takes the least damage from the attack is the real Yaridovich.

 Yoshi Aid
To get the "Yoshi Aid" you first have to reach Smity's Factory. Once you've done this, do the following:
Go to "Yoster's Isle".
Go to the red yoshi and get some "Yoshi Cookies"
Go to the blue yoshi "boshi" and race him until you get a total of 15 yoshi cookies.
Next go to the baby yoshi, who is now fat, feed him all the cookies to get a Yoshi Aid.

Super Mario World

 Classic Music
In the "Special Zone", wait about 5 minutes and listen to the music. It should start playing variations of the original Mario Bros. song!

 Extra Lives - First Ghost House
In the first ghost house, fly up to the upper left corner. You will see a ledge. Run to the right and you will fall. Ghosts will try to hurt you but keep on going. At the end of the ledge you will fall and there will be four extra guys. You will have to hit the boxes to get them. Go though the door. There will be a Moon (3 lives.) After you beat it there will be a level above the ghost house. Go to it. In it there is five boxes. The two left ones contain, flowers. The two right ones contain feathers. The middle one has Yoshi. If you already have Yoshi then it will be an extra life. To exit, run off the screen.

 Extra Lives - Forest of Illusion 1
For a total of fourteen lives do this. Go to forest of illusions 1 and get to the half-way mark and then keep going untill you see a box with changing powerups. Now wait until you see a feather in the box. Then hit it and it should change into a star. If you get the star, run and kill all the creatures that come out of the yellow blocks untill you start getting lives. The turtles and other guys are worth one life and the wigglers are worth two lives. You can get 99 lives much faster this way.

 Extra Lives - Vanilla Secret 2
Enter Vanilla Secret 2 and get to the half-way mark without killing any Koopa Troopers or the green jumping guys. Keep on going until you reach a pit with a lot of spinny orange guys. There will be yellow blocks right above the pit. Hit the blocks until you get a silver "P" switch.
Carry this switch a little past the half way mark until you reach two pipes with red guys jumping out of them. Put down the "P" switch, step on it, and run back to the start of the level. While your running there will be a lot of silver coins on the way. Get all the silver coins you can and you will gain 50+ lives!
Important: Be sure not to kill the Koopa Troopers (or the green junping guys) on the way to the "P" swich, those guys turn into the coins that give you the lives.

 Extra Lives - Yoshi's Island 1
Get a cape and go to Yoshi's Island 1. There is an area with one Rex on the hill and three more below it. After killing them all, fly up and you'll find a Moon worth 3 lives sitting in the clouds.

 Replay Castles
To replay any castle or fortress you've completed, hold L + R when entering.

 Unlimited Lives
Go to the "Top Secret" level. Then, get the Yoshi from the block in the middle. Then, leave the stage. Finally, keep going in and out of the stage, getting the middle block every time. A 1up should keep coming out of it.

 Unlock the Star Roads
Star Road 1:
Beat Donut Plains 1 the special way by getting the key.
There is now a spot in the water. Beat it by getting the key.
Then you go down to a Ghost House.
Proceed to first door. Go left until you find a P.
Take P back to door standing in mid air.
Don't enter door! Rather, jump up to the middle block above door. A bean stalk will come out.
Follow bean stalk up to ledge.
Cross ledge to blue door - hurry because the door will disappear soon.
Enter blue door and defeat Big Boo to get to Star Road.
Star Road 2:
Beat Vanilla Dome 1 by using the key.
Vanilla Secret 1 will appear - follow it.
Make your way up until coming to a spring pod.
Take spring pod to blue blocks. These are special blocks and must be filled in first. Put spring pad on the blue blocks.
Jump up - there will be a green pipe on your left.
Enter pipe and proceed to finish line. Your Star Road will appear.
Star Road 3:
Proceed to Forest of Illusion 1 and beat it using the key.
Proceed to the fortress and beat it.
Star Road 4:
Find the Cheesecake Bridge's secret exit.
Beat the water stage that appears.
The Star Road will appear on a nearby island.
Star Road 5:
Find the secret exit in Valley of Bowser 4.
A pathway will open up to the Star Road.
Star Road 6:
Find the secret exit in Star World 5.
A secret Star Road will open up, revealing 8 special levels.
After you beat the special levels you will warp back to Yoshi's island but everything will be strange. All the turtles have mario shells, the bullets appear as black birds and many other strange things. If you go back to the special levels and walk back through them the way you came the world will revert to normal.

 Warp to Bowser Castle
On the last Star Road, press B. This will put you in the Valley of Bowser without beating castle #7.

Super R-Type

 Level Select
At the startup screen, hold R and press Up 9 times. If you did it right, a tone will chime. Next, start a game and pause it, then hold R + A + Select. A level number will appear in the lower left corner. Use Up and Down to change the number, then unpause your game to warp to that level.

At the title screen, press Down, R, Right, Down, Right, Right, Down, Right, Down, Down. A tone will sound. Next, start a game and pause it, then press R, Right, Down, Y, Down, Right, Down, Left, Right, Down, Right, Right.
To select your power up, press one button from the list below to choose your initial attack, then press another button to choose missiles or bombs.
Initial Attack           Missiles and Bombs
A   Sky Laser            A   Homing Missiles
B   Ground Laser         X   Spread Bomb
X   Reflect Laser
Y   Spread Laser
R   ShotGun Bomb

Top Gear

 Extra Points
Play through any race. Just before crossing the finish line, smash your car into the left (or right) side of the gate. If you did it correctly, you'll receive your place's points -- and the next place's points! For example, if you're in 1st place and you do the trick successfully you'll receive 1st AND 2nd place points!
submitted by Syxx

 Fuel Up Faster
When you enter the pitstop, press UP on the controller to fill up faster.
submitted by Stinger

 Level Select
When you start the game, select Continue Country, then select your country, press start, when appears invalid password, go back to the main menu, then go back to Contitnue Country, and select the same country that you selected the first time, then press start and you will be in that country!
If you do that trick two times you will have some money in the race, USA=100.000
submitted by Cristobal Troncoso (

Amateur Level

Professional Level

Championship Level

Top Gear II

 Race in Any Country
To race in any country with a fully stocked car, do this.
1. first you must turn the power off on you SNES (this is to clear any passwords in the games memory [reset doesn't clear the memory]) then turn the power back on ***you must do this for it to work correctly***.
2. When the Menu screen appears, go down to Continue Game and put in your Password as 4N85 BJR6 6HJ5 8#H65 RNM## then highlight end and press the A button to start. (the password is to start on Australasia on the Amateur level with a fully stacked car)
3. Now start your race then Pause the game and press the R and L buttons simultaneously and you will go back to the Menu screen.
4. Now go down to Options and choose the Difficulty level that you want to race on.
5. Next go to Continue Country and highlight any country that you want to race on (they should be grey) and press the A button. At the Password screen press A and when it says "Invalid Password" press Start.
6. Now on the Menu screen go down to Continue Game and start the game with the password that is already on the screen and you will start your race on the country and difficulty level that you selected with a fully stocked car.

Yoshi's Island

 Bonus Games
To play the bonus games at any time, hold Select and press X, X, Y, B, A on the map screen. A menu will appear with all of the mini-battles, two of which can be played against another person.

 Bonus Levels
At the end of every world there are two question mark boxes. When you get a 100 on every level on that world those two levels will appear.

 Extra Lives on World 1-7
For nearly unlimited lives in world 1, try this:
Grab one of those baddies that roll up in a ball.
When you get to a point where you see the middle ring, don't go to it. Instead, go to the other side of the pipe that you just went pass.
When shyguys start coming out the pipe, spit the ball out.
Grab the ball before it stops rolling. Repeat the same process over and over until you gain some men.
If you wait until the ball stops you'll have to do the process again. The same thing goes if you destroy the ball and you'll have to grab another one.
Another problem is if you're not standing on the right spot. If you're not, the ball will go over the pipe instead of bouncing back and forth between the pipe and the stuff you can destroy with your eggs or by ground pound.

 Extra Lives on World 4-1
To gain all the lives you want, try this:
On Stage 4-1 (with at least 3 eggs [maximum 5 eggs]), grab a shell. But do not make a egg out of it.
When you get to a point where there's two tunnels with piranha plants, kill the plants with the eggs.
Stand on the tunnel facing the pipe with the shyguys jumping out.
Make sure that the shyguys are jumping out the tunnel. Then spit the shell out.
The shell should go back and fourth between the shyguy pipe and the pipe that you're standing on killing the shyguys coming out the pipe.
Be careful, because if a shyguy is standing too close to a pipe and the shell hits it, the shell and the shyguy will be destroyed.

 Find a Hidden Beanstalk
When you are on level 1-7 at the end after you have gone through the tunnel, there is a log. Go to the top tip of the log and jump. Then a bouncey ball will come out. Jump on that and you will go up. Then go to the left and roll the rock. A question mark will appear hit that and you will go up a beanstalk.

 Free Mini games
In the level select screen hold the select button and press: x,x,y,b,a.

 Hidden Coins
On level 1-3, If you go to the second advice box jump high to the left. If done right you will come upon a ledge. Run to the left and recieve 95+ coins.

 Hidden Door
In Sluggy the Unshaven's Fort, go in the door at your left at the start. Next, use a POW or ? bubble item. A door will appear. Go through it to recieve a secret code!

 Raphael's Train
On level 5-8, most people cannot get 100 points because they're missing a flower and a few red coins. To find these, get to the second rotating wooden beam, and jump in the gap between the beam and solid ground. You'll find a train room. Hold Y to accelarate, and drive around the tracks to collect a flower and some red coins.
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