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What's New

-What's new Mar 4, 2001:
              Things that are new is the whole site! New stuff  is the homepage, and the Time Vortex menu.
The Time Vortex is amazing! It was made with one frame that was animated with GIF movie gear.
Music was also added to the homepage, if you liked it you can download it in the downloads section.

-What's new Mar 5, 2001
              On March 5, 2001 the About Us, FAQ, and What's New was created. Music was added to these
sites also. New animation was also created, on the About Us page, the same
same was that the Time Vortex was made.

-What's new Mar 6,2001
              The reviews where started that day and a lot of work was done.

-What's new Mar 7, 2001
              The codes were started on the Codes page. Two new animations were also added to the pages.

-What's new Mar 8, 2001
              Today playstation codes were finish, and super nintendo codes were started and finished.

-What's new Mar 9, 2001
             N64 reviews were finished and the download section was started.

-What's new Mar 17, 2001
              The C++ program was finished and started. The Dawkins Hubb was published today. Contact the
owner on the About Us page.

-So when ever it updates, you will know in What's New!

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